R.E.S.E.T. 2

Residential workshop, Urbino, 8-13 september 2014

RESET 2, University residence hall, designed by Giancarlo De Carlo


After the success of its 2013 edition, the INBAR is organizing “Upgrading Colleges 1.0”, the 2014 edition of RESET, a residential workshop on building, energy, and environmental retrofit, with the research collaboration of the Università di Urbino and the Università Politecnica delle Marche.


This year, the workshop will focus on the retrofit of Tridente, a university residence hall designed by Giancarlo De Carlo in the 1970s. This building complex is part of the university district that the rector, Carlo Bò, commissioned to the Genoese architect. It is a well-structured accommodation complex made up of dormitories, facilities, and common areas in which De Carlo has expressed his characteristic inventiveness at its best.


Over the years, the Tridente complex went through several transformations due to the required maintenance of the building’s components and installations, the need to reduce energy use, and also in order to meet the new functional requirements related to the ever-changing lifestyle of the building occupants. It is therefore essential to reflect upon how the legitimate requests of those who manage and use the residence hall can be combined with preserving the building’s exterior appearance.


Freelancers, students, researchers, and company employees will be hosted in the university residence and will study the distinctive characteristics, possibilities and problems of the Tridente building complex in order to draw up the intervention guidelines for its building, energy, and environmental retrofit.


It will be an important formative opportunity for all those working in the building sector, thanks to which they will be able to build knowledge and experiment with useful tools for the retrofit of the existing building stock. They will do so starting with a case study that is particularly interesting and has a high value from a technical and architectural standpoint.


The workshop, which is mainly addressed to university students, graduates, and professionals in the field of architecture and building engineering, will take place from Monday, September 8 through Saturday, September 13 and will end with a conference to present the project proposals that will have been developed to all of the stakeholders.

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