Workshop Activities

Due to the complexity and vastness of the subject, as well as the limited time available, the campus was divided into various sections according to function so that each group could carry out its activities on a single area. However, in order to ensure an overall homogeneous work, some primary planning principles were set as a common guide for all of the projects. The principles are the following:
. Preserving the architectural and functional features of the building complex;
. Restoring the required green areas (providing continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces from a spatial and functional viewpoint);
. Building envelope: curbing heat losses and summer thermal plug loads;
. Ventilation: implementing passive systems to integrate the existing mechanical systems;
. Lighting: implementing daylighting strategies to integrate artificial lighting;
. Indoor spaces: functional and environmental retrofit

Section 1: Lecture halls and offices, west wing 
(C. Cancellieri, A. Cardellini, M. Corvatta, V. Piacentini)



Section 2: Assembly hall 
(S. Bravi, E. Chiocci, L. Del Prete, M. Paparelli)


Section 3: Snack bar and cafeteria area
(I. Magnani, V. Mencarini, S. Privitera, E. Toccacieli)



Section 4: East wing dormitories
(A. Bracci, C. Campolucci, G. Gajtani, I. Tadei)



Section 5: South wing dormitories  
(G. Franchini, A. Marinelli, R. Poli, M. Totta)



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