Workshop activities

Five thematics that can be dealt by even more of a work group are identified based on the analysis performed.
Each laboratory will focus the attention to issues that regard energy and environment trying to find solutions that consider the enhancement of the architectural heritage.

1 - New requirements for functionality and services: designing architectural solutions for the upgrading of the Tridente College
2 - New requirements and functionality for housing: designing architectural solutions for the upgrading of the Tridente College
3 - Redevelopment of building-plant system: solutions for the energy efficiency of the Tridente College
4 - Redevelopment of lighting systems: Development of a smart lighting system for indoor and outdoor spaces
5 - Accessibility to the complex of Tridente: proposals for the redesign of the mobility system


1a: Renovation of the entrance (A.Bovi, C. Commisso, M. Donati, C. Villotti)


1b. Renovation of the canteen (S. Nafissi, M. Paparelli, S. Serrani, I. Venturelli)


2: New requirements and functions for the college dorms (L. De Luce, E. Gaudini, E. Renzi, P. Sabatino)


3a: Energy efficiency- installations (D. Giuliani, J. Maggi, S. Polenta, T. Venturini)



3b: Energy efficiency- building shell (M. Corvatta, M. Fabi, F. Fraternale, M. Pompili, R. Vagnerini)



4: Light energy design (C. Brocchi, M. Magrini, L. Streppa, M. Totta)


5: Sustainable mobility and smart city (M. C. Piersanti, F. Ponziani, S. Perlini)

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